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Why Outdoor Advertisement is more Effective?

Outdoor advertisement is one of the oldest ways of creating awareness about your brand and visibility. Speaking of recent decades, technology changed the dynamics of advertisement altogether and the internet served as a non-biased and quickest means of online brand campaigns and promotions. This was however soon realized that people either don’t care much about this medium or the ads meant for them never reached them. As indicated in our last articles, billions of dollars are wasted globally just due to the usage of Adblockers.

That is how the outdoor advertisement is coming back in the game, this time equipped with technology. The new hybrid model follows the concept of experiential marketing. As people want to experience things first hand before they are asked to buy your services. Another experiential reference? Well, the new versions of your favorite video games from the past now use AR/VR equipment to give you a life-like experience. The same method triggers people when they see an Ad presented in an unexpected yet tangible manner.

The old school apparatus for outdoor advertising was too exhaustive for time and resources. Imagine spending an amount today on a static billboard that holds constant commercial space, does not communicate your brand message with variety every second, and would eventually go to trash after a specific event. Whereas you could have just simply booked a service that promotes your corporate presence throughout the city to the exact targeted community. Guess what? all of that just for a fraction of expense you would have spent on traditional medium.

That’s how Breaking-Ad works, we measured this need well before time and devised a hassle-free and much powerful advertising solution for brands that are just born and others who are already in arena.

Unlike most people think, these days effective outdoor advertising is not an imposition of offers unto the customers. Rather by adding context to the content, companies create value for both their repeating and new customers. They get more specific about the leads and their needs. In this way, consumers are more exposed to a variety of sellers having the same business model yet different proposals. Content marketing is more critical for B2C companies than B2B ones. This is because market trends change very quickly in the ecosystem of companies directly dealing with customers. It is, therefore, their utmost concern to be able to fulfill extremely variable expectations of people as well as maintaining the equilibrium of profits.

Maybe the first time someone sees your ad, they may not engage much. But later that day when they see the same vehicle with the same flash visuals, they get curious and when they go back home and see your ad on TV they are convinced about your authenticity. Hence, they are more likely to put trust in your name the next time they are out shopping. It is yet again to be recalled that TV or the internet alone doesn’t convince people anymore.

Breaking-Ad has been acting as a lubricant in the consumers' conversion funnel since 2019 with dozens of satisfied, returning clients.

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