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Breaking-Ad’s visualizes a world without Ads

Have you ever imagined how the world would look like without advertising? Well if you haven’t thought of it yet, the predictions would blow your mind. Our team of experts at Breaking-Ad thinks that is probably how doomsday would happen, as there would be nothing left to use and to talk about in a world with no ads. Yes, it’s that horrible. Advertising is in fact as ancient as the man. Advertisement in literal terms is an act of publicly promoting a product, service, an event or a vacancy, etc. Dismiss this mechanism for a day and the next thing you know would be an identity crisis, not only for brands but for you first of all.

Considering the amount of information overflow, you may think this is just another ordinary sales copy convincing us to keep shopping. But if you are curious about reality, you may want to give it a fine read.

Here’s a glimpse of events that would take place if the concept of advertising in every form disappears all at once.

You would go back home and resume your internet tabs just to see them nowhere. That’s because your favorite video streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube are not brand names anymore and are gone forever.

You would need to pay for everything now. No more free articles, websites, online newspapers. No more on demand, TV service either. And most free services like Google Maps and Gmail would disappear too.

With no advertisement, there would be no more brand competition. Consequently, shops would stop operating or if they do, you’ll be left with no choice and would have to pick up whatever is on the shelves.

With no recognition, the chances for a new brand to enter the market would be absolutely zero. The already present brands would form a joint monopoly and would increase the prices meanwhile decreasing the quality.

The location would be one major key player in deciding the business’s fate. Since their only way to attract consumers would be to attract them and main highways and drive-bys. Real estate prices for those properties would go exponentially high overnight.

The career of free-lancers and online workers would come to an end as there is no mentionable platform for them to work.

The scenario looks like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie but in reality, things can go even worse immediately as these were just a few examples. People hate advertisements but the truth is, without innovation and competition would be comparable to or even grimmer than ice-age. Breaking-Ad is first and one of its kind in Pakistan to launch its ridesharing based advertisement operations. Whether you are a brand who wants to get recognized around town in no time or someone who is looking for an extra way to earn more income, we have got you all covered.

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