Breaking-Ad’s response to Covid-19

A pandemic and an advertisement have one thing in common, they spread. Anyhow they are just not meant to get along. Besides other disturbances, COVID-19 has already started affecting businesses of every magnitude and niche throughout the world. This is happening greatly because companies need to keep reminding people that they always exist, ready to cater to their trendy requirements. That’s where Ads come to play, but under current lockdown, the statistics indicate the digital ad spend of companies is higher than ever but the engagement rates are rather falling. Yes, you heard right.

“But hey, people are spending more time in front of screens than ever these days!” you might think. Well here’s a quick fact, did you know that as of 2020, more than $ 35 billion of global digital ad spend will be lost yearly due to growing use of ad blockers. This is because times have changed, people watch what they want to. Television advertisement model is also becoming weaker as people have several content browsing options these days within the same TV and consequently liberty to skip ads they find irrelevant.

So, here’s how we differ.

We at Breaking-Ad are providing a creative marketing solution to the brands in this chaos. Our business model is a fusion between traditional and modern-day tech-based persuasion since people are more likely to respond to what they actually see. We provide an opportunity to run a flexible and engaging campaign for your brand among hyper-targeted masses using a digital board with Ad visuals/service messages on it placed on a cab (Uber, Careem, and others for instance). These cabs would roam around the areas of Lahore where our data analytics team would project B2C relevance the most. Since the partnering cab drivers are given an extra cut proportional to the hours they drive with your active Ad, we have created a win-win for brands and drivers. It is also a smart alternative to fixed Ads boards and wasted product campaigns run on the internet and Tv. Breaking-Ad has just started yet already helped clients with amazing results.

Back to the concern, due to COVID-19, a moderate lockdown is in effect in the city but we have devised a way out. Although commercial movements are at hold, for now, we are still operating with the same motive to uplift brands. Our booking is open to all growing companies for a promising Ads campaign experience with us. We always welcome new cab owners and independent drivers to partner with us and make optimum use of this free time and chance to earn a reasonable amount. While they would render services in proper health safety gear.

Breaking-Ad has recently donated half dozen LED boards as its share to stand against the pandemic and deliver public service messages. We hope this gets over soon and the world changes for better.

Are you a brand? a cab owner? you can still make a difference. So, what are we waiting for? Access our contact form here and for more details and please visit our homepage.

Know your impact.

Our in-depth analytics platform enables you to precisely measure where and when your campaign will have the highest impact throughout the city.