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4-6 booming Industries during Coronavirus

Where coronavirus has brought turbulence to almost every corporate sector, it is bringing promising prospects for few as well. The epidemic has raised a new set of needs this year, fulfilling those first would be the companies that would rather survive or step up a little than others. Last week we discussed how coronavirus is going to hit some industries the most. If you haven’t been there before be sure to give it a read here.

Below are 6 industries that are already booming during lockdown while a few others hold similar potential and here’s how:

1. Medical & Sanitary Supplies

The shutter down has caused the medical supplies to get most of the hype in demand and price. People are more concerned about their hygiene than casual times. The usage of antibacterial products such as hand washes and sanitizers are mandatory and lifesaving. Face masks and gloves have also seen record-breaking demand in quite a while which is nothing but increasing. Besides these, regular old patients have their continued concerns and to avoid emergency pharmacies are open 24/7 during the lockdown, unlike any other business.

2. Cleaning Services

Once this panic is over, closed offices, shops, malls, and almost all commercial places would like to be disinfected before reopening. Cleaning services would be called for action just about everywhere.

3. Delivery services

Not only the utility stores that provide the most hygiene induced home delivery would be on the safe side but also there would be space for new business ventures entirely focusing on home delivery outsourcing.

4. E-conferencing & Data Handling

As near to none of the offices, schools or colleges are functional, their day to day routine and academic activities are counting mainly on online video conferencing platforms. Offices are majorly dependent on online document sharing and management software. As a few giant names are already benefiting from it, many new startups are rising for more effective solutions.

5. Telecommunication

Lockdown would have been even grimmer without access to the internet and the ability to communicate with your loved ones and colleagues. Internet service providers and telecom companies are implementing effective protocols to avoid interruptions every day. These days more people are relying on the internet as they are working from home.

6. Video streaming services

Leisure has become active again. People have plenty of time and they want on-demand entertainment. Platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon prime are just to name a few among others. Some of these have even lowered the consumer plan costs to attract more masses. Their subscriptions are sky rocketing all around the world.

As we saw, companies that are ready to take a paradigm shift just in time make the most out of the worst times as well. Or sometimes it is all about luck, as little did the brand name Corona beer, a liquor brand knew they would get hit in the face just due to its name. We hope the industrial wheel gets to spin as soon as possible and peace reclaims its place again.

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