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3-8 Industries on Coronavirus hit list

Coronavirus has confined us all to a common box. The global shutdown has seized the dynamics of small-scale businesses and brands. Most of them are on the verge of closure while others are looking forward to mergers. These dysfunctions indicate one thing in bold letters that none of us was ready for such an outbreak. In the current scenario, it is not the magnitude of a business that matters for survival but more like its linkage to priorities of the people. Our marketing team is foreseeing a probable hibernation in the following 10 industries across the globe:

1. Shopping malls and cinemas

These places are the hubs of human interaction. Their motive has always been to attract masses where they can buy and enjoy utilities under one roof. Various brands that are also stakeholders in a mall can't afford to remain operational against little to no profits.

2. Restaurants and Hotels

People are not confident enough to stop by and dine outdoors since the second most important thing as a man’s intake after air is food. This would continue until the industry fulfils new hygiene concerns.

3. Festivals and Events

Weddings and concerts have already seen their worst lately due to lockdown. Event managers and pocket entertainment vendors are just to name a few who are suffering.

4. Beauty Service

Obsession for cosmetic products is not going anywhere but the people who render related services are at loss. Not only the beauty parlors but even basic barbershops are not going to see customers anytime soon.

5. Gyms and Fitness centers

These places are believed to be the most bacteria retaining places compared to others. They require regular cleansing of tools and sports machines even in normal conditions, the outbreak has come only to worsen the situation.

6. Travel and tourism

All means of commercial travel for people are inactive with just a crucial number of logistic vehicles running. Tourism too is not going to get a favorable response from people until mass travelling is announced safe

7. School related activity

Private schools and coaching centers manage their expenses proportional to the fee they charge every month. Parents, however, are resisting against fee submission subject to the prolonged inactivity of these institutions.

8. Factories

Major industrial operations have been stopped in light of the potential spread of the virus through local and global dispatches made from these factories. It has put a constant frown upon the face of owners. While Blue-collar families are under great depression as their day-to-day paychecks are in question.

The consequences are haunting and the facts are disturbing. But man has been overcoming troubles ever since. We have seen an epidemic in its deadliest form yet we know we have a better understanding of science and technology today than ever. That makes us more likely to defeat this outbreak once and for all. This world has recovered from world wars after all and now when the enemy is common, it seems like the solution is close enough.

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