Design study to measure campaign goals


Activate campaign


Segment exposed (test) and unexposed (control)


Survey brand lift questions or Measure Conversions


Assess Lift as a result of Breaking-Ad campaign + audience analytics and demographics

Advertising Agencies

We offer our services to the Advertising Agencies to partner with us in delivering their client’s message to the General Public. with us, you’ll get.

Ad Reach

Ad reach with our platform will be bigger and larger as compared to any other platform. Comparing to the Television and print media, our platform will display ads 24/7 and to the audience, you ought to target.

Remote position

Remote Position of the Screens is a big difference and advantage of our platform as oppose to the Sign and billboards who remain still at their position. Our Platform will display your ads at every street and block of the city.

Targeted Audience

Another reason to work with us is our ability to catch and target the intended audience, our Platform targets the City of Lahore. It also divides Lahore into a portion giving you a better reach to your intended subjects at a grass-root level.

Breaking-Ad Advertisement on wheels

Real-time Performance and Measurement Reporting

Key campaign metrics like hours of exposure, estimated impressions, and visual heatmap of fleet coverage are reported regularly. These are available by time of day and geofence as well.

Post campaign measurement services for brand lift, website visits, footfall increases and others are also available based on campaign goals and desired outcomes.

Unlimited Messaging Possibilities at No Cost

Campaigns go live within 24 hours with no posting cost and fitting into your existing workflows and processes

Our best-in-class ad server allows you to sequence and target an unlimited number of messages across the length of your campaign on our high impact two-sided LED screens. Our in-house creative team stands ready to work with you to create the most dynamic and impactful full-motion creative possible.

Breaking-Ad LED Screen on Ride Hailing Services
Breaking-Ad capturing people's eye

Effective and Efficient Reach

Local TV and traditional out-of-home are limited in their audience reach and availability. Not Breaking-Ad. Our smart screen inventory scales with rideshare vehicle and taxi demand.

Our ability to “hyper-target” eliminates media waste and ensures both the effectiveness and efficiency of every dollar spent by targeting specific audience segments at scale throughout the city where they live, work and play throughout the day and night.

Breaking-Ad Measurement Services



Reach Measurement - Analytics solutions to give you visibility into when and exactly how many people were exposed to your ad where each of your creatives were seen across cities and day parts.


Digital Visit

Website Visit Lift - Measure the lift in website traffic attributed to a Breaking-Ad using an exposed vs. control group. Implement pixels across the brand's website page.


Physical Visit

Footfall (In-Store Foot Traffic Lift) - Measure the lift in consumers driven in-store after exposure to a Breaking-Ad compared to a control group.


Digital Conversion

Website Conversion Lift- Measure the lift in website conversions (i.e. enrollments, purchases, etc.) attributed to a Breaking-Ad using an exposed vs. control group. Implement pixels across the brand's website pages to measure lift at different stages of the conversion funnel. (or) Mobile App Download - Measure the lift in number of apps downloaded/installed. Track if a device ID exposed to the Breaking-Ad drove app installs.

Know your impact.

Our in-depth analytics platform enables you to precisely measure where and when your campaign will have the highest impact throughout the city.