OOH is the Future of Advertising!

Breaking-Ad is a Lahore based startup which helps brands and business grow by promoting their products/identity by displaying their advertisements on digital screen mounted at the roof-tops of cars.

“We are your moving advertisers”

What We Do

We partner with drivers of ride hailing services and cabs and fix our digital screens at the roof-tops of their cars. Then we display advertisements of different brands while the cars are moving on the roads of Lahore. Using this methodology, we have the moving digital billboards on the streets of Lahore.

Anywhere. Any time.

With hundreds of lighting up the streets of Lahore day and night, your creative is able to shine in the most relevant location to you, at the most effective time.


Extend and amplify your client’s campaigns with street level digital media.

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Connect your programmatic buying or regional campaigns with a unique new form of digital out-of-home.

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On the Streets with Breaking-Ad

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Earn with us

Ridesharing Service providers like Uber & Careem can partner with us and earn more while driving the same hours as before. Breaking-Ad offers paid partnerships to any Qualifying vehicle to join and earn more without doing anything other than what they are currently doing.

Know your impact.

Our in-depth analytics platform enables you to precisely measure where and when your campaign will have the highest impact throughout the city.